Greater Toronto Area Day Tours

The Greater Toronto Area (GTA) is a large region encompassing several great birding areas.  The GTA is a great spot for to begin any birding adventure due to a wide variety of birding locations and species year-round. Bird species vary with the season with Spring being an ideal take to take in the colourful songbird migration.

Spring (April, May June): Arguably one of the best time’s to be birding anywhere in Ontario as the spring migration is underway and the colouful songbirds return. An ideal time to observe a variety of shorebirds and passerines including warblers, tanagers and buntings. When conditions are ideal birding in the spring can be an overload of colour and song as birds are literally dripping from the trees.

Summer (July, August): Summer is a bit of a slower period as birds tend to their young. However, bird numbers are good due to the hatch year birds that are out of the nest. Several colourful species including Indigo Buntings, Rose-breasted Grosbeaks, Baltimore and Orchard Orioles and Scarlet Tanagers breed in the GTA and can be observed throughout the summer months. Late summer marks the start of some early fall migrants and can be a good time to observe shorebirds.

Fall (September, October, November): Fall is an ideal time to view shorebirds and other south bound migrants. While not as overwhelming as the spring migration, the fall migration brings with it fun ID challenges as many birds are molting and of course young birds are making their first trip south. Raptor migrations occur throughout the season and fall is also a great time to observe Monarch Butterflies and migrating sparrows.

Winter (December, January, February, March): Winter brings arctic and northern species to the GTA. Bird movement and irruptions are greatly dependent on winter food supplies elsewhere, however generally speaking it is possible to observe some winter finches, nuthatches and Blue Jays. Winter is a great time to observe gulls and waterfowl around the lakes. It is also a great time to observe owls as several species including Snowy Owls, Long-eared Owls and Northern Saw-whet Owls will over winter in the GTA.

During this tour we will visit one or two birding hotspots in the Greater Toronto Area to view a variety of local birds and other wildlife.  Start and end times vary with the time of the year.

Best Time of the Year to Visit the Greater Toronto Area

The Greater Toronto Area offers great birding year-round.  The ideal time to view spring migrant including warblers is mid May through early June. However, the Greater Toronto Area can be productive for birds year-round.  During the winter months winter raptors are abound as well as winter migrants.


My business, Wild Birds Unlimited Barrie, and other commitments keep me busy, however if you’re coming to the Greater Toronto Area and would like to do some birding please get in touch and I will do my best to accommodate your request.

Day Tour Pricing

1-3 People: $115* per person
4 Or More People: $35* for each additional participant