Business Consulting Services

As a successful entrepreneur, I understand the day-to-day operations required in running a business and enjoy the challenges and opportunities that go along with it. Informally I have worked alongside my fellow Wild Birds Unlimited franchisees to share ideas to build  stronger businesses. Formally, I have consulted on franchise committees and provided guidance to other entrepreneurs. I am excited to finally be in a position to take business consulting to the next level and help fellow entrepreneurs and small business owners grow their businesses.

My experience in operating a small business for the past 7 years has provided me with experiences in maintaining all the needs of the business. From book keeping to sales, I have a broad range of administrative experience and can help your small business run more efficiently and effectively, while maintaining a high energy experience for your customers. Whether you operate a direct to consumer, business to business or not-for-profit, my skills and talents are adaptable to a wide variety of organizations. I specialize in:

  • Helping to define your company culture
  • Strategies for staff training
  • Strategies for policies and procedures
  • Strategies for inventory evaluation and buying and turning inventory
  • Strategies for providing a high-level and “high energy” experience and excellent service to customers
  • Strategies for better organization and time management
  • Strategies for delegation to managers and staff
  • Sales strategies for your products and services
  • Techniques for empowering your team
  • Finding operating efficiencies
  • Visual merchandising
  • Marketing strategy and digital marketing evaluation and services
  • Working with your Franchisor
  • Importing products from the USA (if you operate a business in Canada)

With experience as a franchisee and small business owner, I understand and can help you navigate the unique challenges of running your business. As a birder, naturalist, tour leader and ecotourism and adventure tourism specialist, my skill set lends itself well to businesses and organizations involved in these niche industries including, but not limited to:

  • Tour Companies
  • Accommodations (Hotels, Lodges, Air B & B’s, etc.)
  • Transportation Companies
  • Nature Festivals
  • Nature-based Not for Profits
  • Botanical Gardens*
  • Garden Centers*
  • Nature Centers*
  • Outdoor Education Centers and Forest Schools
  • Animal Rehabilitation Centers
  • Eco and Adventure Tourism Attractions
  • Businesses looking to attract birders as clients
  • Businesses looking to attract Canadians as clients

*- Please note as a small business owner of a Wild Birds Unlimited franchise, I cannot assist any businesses whose focus in whole or in part is backyard bird feeding, due to a conflict of interest

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